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Atlantis 12.0 - June 111AR - "For One Month Of The Year ... It Made The Eleven Easier To Bear"

Theme Of This Years Galt's Gulch: An Image Is Worth 1168 Pages...

...and here we have as good a place to start as any: Begin at the beginning.

Atlantis XII - Itinerary

Tuesday May 31, 111AR:  AM Gatecrasher's Breakfast, Castaway Tour of the place & Meet the *Strikers* that made the mental leap - PM Afternoon, free-time for self-orientation - Evening, Mulligan Dinner, Discussion & Dance.

Wednesday June 1, 111AR: The JohnGalt Breakfast - Three 'P' Summit (Pirate, Productive Genius & PhilosoPhysicist) - final organization and additions to this year's Itinerary.

Thursday June 2, 111AR: The State Of The Ego Address.
How we got from this ...

... to this

And what is the only moral action.